365 Day Challenge: Day 24.

your favourite 10 people right now and why. 

1. my girlfriend Lizzie. 
she has supported me the past few months both financially and emotionally when i quit my old shitty job and it took a few months for me to get a new one. she made sure i had a good birthday, bills were paid, held me when i was upset. i couldnt ask for a better girlfriend. 

2. my dad. 
since moving out of home at the beginning of this year, i have missed him terribly and he has missed me alot as well. i love the random nice texts he sends me saying he misses me and loves me and he is always so excited when i visit home. 

3. my mum. 
she is so thoughtful and occasionally slips me money for smokes when i didnt have a job, shouted me lunch and always lended an ear to listen to me rant and rave to make me feel better. 

4. my best friend. 
shes always there for me, to listen to my problems and give no judgement, make jokes, spend time with me when i felt lonely etc. 

5. my pop. 
he lives in another state and is 90 this year, so i dont get to see him very much, only about once a year. yet we speak on the phone regularly and he always asks about my life and also my best friend and girlfriend which makes me really happy.

6. my sister, Taylor. 
she is at that age of 17 where everything is about her and her friends, yet she still enjoys spending time with me when i visit, telling me goss and secrets, about her life etc and its nice to have her do that with me. 

7. my brother, Riley. 
is getting older very quickly. i love playing video games with him and talking to him about school. 

8. my sister, Mia. 
is adorable. she is always so excited to see me when i visit, always wanting to spend time with me playing uno, trouble, colouring in, reading etc. 

dont have another 2 people right now haha. 

11:34 am  •  2 September 2014